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    Empower An Angel....is seeking a Collaboration with You to bring this universal empowerment toolkit to the world. It requires You. Your story. Your Dreams. Your Vision. With likeminded people around the world, listening to each of our stories, we begin the transformation of resetting the way we see each other. Healing from the past and living from a place of potential. The Universal Empowerment Toolkit Needs Your Story & in doing so, you are Empowering An Angel.

Hello & Welcome.  Thank you for reading more about my campaign.

I need resources to empower my personal journey.  What I am asking for is for you to come and tell your story through this universal process?  In exchange of the small course fee to take the Tell Your Story journey, you receive handheld support.  Live story telling circles.  Your eBook of your story | Life After .... Your title. Becoming An Author, Co~Creator & Pioneer.

Imbalance in our world is huge.  To change this we need to recognise how well we are adapting to change?  If you agree and welcome being part of the solution - Join Me.


Povery & Scarcity vs     Universal Gifts Back To Humanity To Realign & Reset  


As an Empowering Angel, coined by communities that I have worked with over many years.  I am passionate about sharing these gifts for universal benefit.  The empowerment tools of story telling & Empower In An Hour have been created to empower each of us.  Empowering in the areas of Time, Money, Health, Personal Development, Legacy & Contriubtion.  All I ask is for 1 hour.  As we share our stories in this way, we empower future generations to heal from the past. The strategy is unique and needed during these times of huge change which we are witnessing.


Story: Tell Your Story Blueprint   Play: Empower In An Hour   =  Universal Empowerment Toolkit 



The Universal Empowerment Toolkit gives us an opportunity to recognise how we can adapt to change.  How we can become the solution to that which we seek.  Discovering through story & play insights, community, collaboration, unconditional love for humanity. 

Thank you for reading.  Please do consider clicking the join button here - to get involved in raising funds with me.  Give & Share are the law of the universe.  That is what I love about Impact 101.  Consider joining our team of Empowering Angels empowering through Compassionate Action.

To:get:her we are empowering change.  Building this work of transformation through moving from Busyness to Being, we all do this alongside our lives. 

Including You 

AntheaFenton xo


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